Author: Pamela Garner

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    How To Prevent Flu

    Most people catch the flu, especially during the flu season. This is because of how easy it is to transmit the flu virus, which makes it spread quite fast. The flu can be quite a serious health problem, more so if you asthma, diabetes, heart disease, or weakened immune system. There are a couple of measures, which you can take in an attempt to avoid getting the virus.

    How to avoid catching the flu

    The most effective way is to be vaccinated every year before the flu season. Doctors recommend getting the shot during the winter season or early in fall. The vaccine can protect against the strains of flu, which experts determine will be the most widespread during that season. In addition to being vaccinated, there are other measures, which you can take to keep the flu virus at bay. Some of the main ones are highlighted below.

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    Maintaining good hygiene at all times will help you avoid the flu. Such include washing your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. This should be done every time you sneeze or cough, before meals, and whenever you touch anything that may be unhygienic. You can also use hand alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which can come in handy when you cannot access soap and warm water to wash your hands.

    Avoid crowded public areas

    The flu can be transmitted quite easily from one person to another. The chances of an individual in a crowded place having the flu are quite high. Being near the person will likely get you infected as well. In case you already have the flu, avoid going to public places to reduce the spread of the virus.

    Watch your diet

    fgdsrjtrrdytfdrytfYou should ensure that you consume a balanced and healthy diet at all times, especially during the flu season. A balanced diet will provide the right nutrients to all the cells in your body, allowing them to function effectively. As a result, your immune system will get stronger. Your body will be able to fight off the flu virus with more resilience. Remember to take lots of fluids as well.

    Avoid touching your face

    You should ensure that your hands get minimal contact with your face, in particular, the mouth, eyes, and nose. The flu virus can linger on surfaces such as the restaurant table, which will then be introduced to your body when you touch your face.…

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    Weight Loss Tips

    Being overweight can result in many other health complications. Examples include diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease among many others. It is for this and more reasons that doctors recommend controlling your weight to maintain it at healthy levels. With healthy body weight, you will enjoy great looks and physical fitness as well.

    Top tips to help you lose weight safely

    There are many methods which you can use to lose excess weight. However, you should be quite careful when choosing the method to use. This is because some of the methods are not completely safe and may do more harm to your body than good. Some may also require too much time to offer any noticeable results, which makes them inefficient. Below are some of the safe methods that you can use to lose weight effectively.


    Exercising is known to be among the safest and most effective weight loss technique. You simply need to engage in any type of physical activity for it to work. While working out, the metabolism of your body will increase. This, in turn, causes the body to burn more calories and thus, it loses weight. Workouts that are more intense will burn more calories. However, you should not overdo the exercises, as that will result in injuries and muscle aches, and joint aches. The type of physical activity does not really matter. Simply taking a walk every day will still work well.


    Dieting is another commonly used technique for weight loss. It is safe, as long as it is done in the right way. Dieting does not mean starving yourself. It simply means taking the right types and quantity of food. The basic idea is to consume fewer calories compared to the amount that you burn in a day. Make sure that you take a balanced diet to supply the body with all the nutrients that it requires. You should eat small portions of food at a sitting within frequent intervals. Remember to take lots of water throughout the day, especially before taking your meals. Water will give you a feeling of being full, which helps you eat less.



    Getting enough sleep is also important for you to lose weight. You need to ensure that you get ample sleep every night to for the best results. Resting well ensures that you are active and energetic enough throughout the day, which works well towards your weight loss efforts.…